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Infrared Therapy

Infrared Sauna therapy uses Near, Mid and Far wavelengths to heat your body on a cellular level, giving you a deep relaxing detoxifying experience.

Is it safe?

Unlike microwave or Ultraviolet Wavelength, Infrared Wavelength is 100% safe.

Traditional Saunas versus Infrared Saunas – what’s the difference?

Traditional Saunas are pressurised and create extremely high heat (of 80-90 Degrees Celsius), using water splashed over heat rocks to create hyper-steam to intensify the feeling.

In comparison, Infrared Saunas offer a much more pleasant and comfortable experience, using a milder environmental temperature (of 50-70 Degrees Celsius). Great health benefits can be attained and there is no humidity involved.

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Best Far Infrared Sauna Therapy in Melbourne

What are the benefits of an Infrared Therapy?

  • Being able to increase your metabolism – a 30 minute sauna will burn 600 calories
  • Detoxification – Infrared Saunas assist your body to remove heavy metal, BPA, PCB, and other toxins
  • Increased production of collagen and elastin – the Infrared Wavelength can make your skin appear more youthful
  • Improved delivery of nutrients through blood flow
  • The soothing of sore and tired muscles
  • More support for your Cardiovascular Health, and/or greater immune function – the detoxifying effect of the sauna allows the body to remove toxins that the immune system would have otherwise dealt with, allowing a healthier system.
  • Reduced stress and an increased sense of relaxation – when stressed, your body releases a chemical called cortisol (stress hormone), and when we expose our body to heat, our cortisol levels either stay the same, or can elevate slightly. But, when you step out of an Infrared Sauna, your cortisol levels will drop instantly (to levels lower they were before your sauna), so you will immediately feel more relaxed.



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